About STS and the Florida Chapter

The purpose of the Society is to support Lutheran pastors in being faithful to their ordination vows in a time of doctrinal confusion and moral uncertainty. It also forms pastors in the practice of daily prayer and meditation on Holy Scripture; of using the daily Prayer Offices and the daily Lectionary of the Church; of living a life of obedience to Jesus; of going regularly on retreat; of engaging in mutual pastoral visitation; of using individual confession and absolution; of engaging in a disciplined study of Scripture, the Confessions, and the Church Fathers; of shaping a parish practice centered in the Word and the Sacraments; and of serving the cause of Christian unity, first, by being an inter-Lutheran organization and, second, by working to heal the breach of the sixteenth century. The Society is not about one thing, but about forming the entire life of the pastor as a pastor.

The Society came into existence on September 23, 1997., when, with prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, 27 Lutheran pastors (ELCA, ELCIC, and LCMS) subscribed to the Rule. This took place in two days of prayer and conversation at Loyola House in Morristown, New Jersey.

The STS is open to all Lutheran pastors of any denomination from any country. Most of our 250 members are affiliated with one of 22 regional chapters that have been, or are being, formed in the U.S. and Canada. We have several members at large. We are Lutheran without the alphabet.  Though we include ELCA, LCMS, WELS, etc., as a Society we refuse to engage in any political activity in any particular set of letters. In a time of doctrinal confusion and moral uncertainty, we support one another in remaining faithful to the promises spoken at ordination into the Church’s ministry.

The STS Florida Chapter was organized in February 2009 and elected the Reverend Lawrence Recla, STS,  as Dean.  Total attendance at our retreats through June 2010 has been 114; five people attending all retreats. The 45 retreatants consisted of 21 clergy (non STS), 13 STS clergy, 8 deacons, and one each of deacon candidates, diakonia graduates, and seminarians. Retreat presentors have included the Reverend Drs. Eric Gritsch, Frank Senn, STS, Senior, and John Hannah, STS. Future teaching theologians include the Reverend Dr. Jonathan Linman, The Reverend Rodney Eberhart, STS, and The Reverend Dr. Carl Braaten.

The Society of the Holy Trinity, in particular the Florida Chapter, invites your prayers for our life and work together.